Five Finger Typist Click for German Translation
Five Finger Typist
is suitable for
anyone, any age,
who wants to learn
to touch type
with one hand

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Free demo program

You can explore Five Finger Typist before buying. The demo allows you to inspect all features and to work through the first four lessons and browse the remainder.
The demo allows judgement about whether one-handed typing will suit you.

You can obtain the demo version by two means:

to download a copy, click on the type of computer you have: Macintosh, or 32-bit Windows, or 64-bit Windows.

we can e-mail, or post, you a copy: e-mail us your contact details.

You can also download the User Manual and read about all the features of the program.

Five Finger Typist runs on both Windows and Macintosh computers:

Windows 7 to 10, Vista, Windows XP and 2000,
Windows NT, 98 and 95

Mac OS
Mac OS 10.3 and later (including Mac OS 10.11, El Capitan) running on both Intel and PowerPC processors.
Version 2.2 for Mac OS X coming soon.

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