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The Five Finger Typist Team

SoftDawn Software is the developer of Five Finger Typist. SoftDawn has a small software team located in eastern Australia. Robert Dorning is the concept developer and programmer. Sibylle Reisch is the translator of the German version. Peter Green is the graphic artist who does the hand and keyboard graphics.

Robert Dorning

Robert Dorning...
Five Finger Typist was initially developed in 1994 in conjunction with an elementary school in Melbourne for one of its students. Robert worked closely with school staff on the design and screen text.

However, although development was in conjunction with a school, care was taken to ensure the program would be attractive to all age groups.

Robert moved into Macintosh programming and consulting in the late 1980s. Five Finger Typist was first developed as a Macintosh program and then Robert taught himself Windows programming to implement the Windows version which was released in 1997.

In 1999 Robert and Sibylle teamed up to develop the German version. This was released in mid 2001.

Sibylle Reisch

Sibylle Reisch...
Sibylle is a native German speaker. She has a Merchandising degree and as a Professional Training Officer has many years of training experience in Germany with apprentice and office staff in typing and computer usage. Sibylle has also a degree in Applied Psychology and is a qualified Commercial Pilot.

Robert and Sibylle met through their common interest in flying. Robert is an experienced glider pilot and flies gliders from Benalla in south eastern Australia.

Sibylle flies a 7-seater Piper Cherokee from Maroochydore Airport on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She flies charter flights along the East Coast of Australia and into the Outback, e.g., to Ayers Rock and the opal fields and mines.

Peter Green works as a graphic artist and a Macintosh consultant. He lives in Melbourne and enjoys skiing in the Victorian Alps.

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