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Five Finger Typist

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Download the free demo version for Macintosh...

Click on the following filename: FFTDemo.dmg (604 KB)

The demo will download into your Downloads folder.

To install the Demo Program...
The file FFTDemo.dmg is a "disk image" file. First locate this file in your Downloads folder and open it with a double click. A drive icon will appear on your Desktop and a window will open with demoFFT inside. Drag demoFFT (1.5 MB) onto the Desktop.

You can dispose of the drive icon by dragging it onto the Eject button (the Trash button replacement) in the Dock.

To start the demo program...
Double click on demoFFT and the Five Finger Typist demo will start.

With the demo program you can do the first four lessons and browse the remainder. After the fourth lesson, nothing happens when you type.

Feel free to copy your Five Finger Typist demo and give it to your friends and colleagues!

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