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SoftDawn Software receives testimonials and notes of appreciation from around the world. The following are some of these. We would appreciate hearing from you.

  • Sharon, Gawler, South Australia
    I first used Five Finger Typist in 2008 and now with the help of SoftDawn Software I have upgraded to the new 64 bit program for Windows. My new job involves a lot more typing. Five Finger Typist is a great, fun way to learn to touch type one handed. It is so cool to watch your progress on screen as you go without looking at the keys. I love the fact that the letters to be typed can be read to you, or you can set the program to read what you have typed, this helps your concentration. Having only one hand, I have tried several other one hand typing programs and found this one to be my favourite. Thank you to the great team at Five Finger Typist for developing this excellent program.

  • Wendy, South Carolina, USA
    I am an occupational therapist. I have a middle school student that currently uses the 2.0 version of Five Finger Typist in the school's keyboarding class to provide an alternate way to participate in the curriculum requirements of the class. However, the school recently purchased new computers which require the use of 64 bit. As a result, all of the features of the older version (ie., saving progress) are not working as they should. This program allows the student to participate in typing practice at the same rate as all other students in the class. The program is easy to use, understand, and can be set for either a right or left handed user. It also provides a great visual of the hand on the screen to aid in learning correct finger use. This typing program is very effective for this student. The new version is recommended for use with the newer computer so that all program features will work properly. I would recommend this program to others who need to learn to type one handed.

  • Bridget, London, United Kingdom
    I used to teach word-processing in Adult Education, and Five Fingers was a life-enhancer for several students who only used one hand. They learned so quickly and had so much fun that some two-handed students wanted to learn for themselves (as I did). Now I'm retired, but still use it to keep the skills (both hands, one at a time). It is deeply satisfying to be able type and drink coffee at the same time.

  • Debbie, Wisconsin, USA
    I have used this product with a 3rd grader who has the use of only one hand for typing. It is easy to use and understand, even for a child. The visual of the hand on the screen showing the correct finger use is very helpful.

  • Nancy, Illinois, USA
    I received the new updated copy of Five Finger Typist last week, that you had sent to replace an older version. Today I had the pleasure of installing the program on our Special Education teacher's computer. She and I both are very appreciative, as I'm sure her students will be too. Thank you so much for making this work, you made a difference!

  • Thanh, NSW, Australia
    Five Finger is suitable for people with only the left or right hand to use. You learn by anchor keys and ranking. Hence after 6 months with three hour session practice each day for 100% accuracy. You will achieve touch type with five fingers then. I have used other programs previously, but in my opinion this is the best because of good support, good sound organization and I achieved the result with the use of my RHS fingers only.

  • Q&A Jenne, Montreal, Canada
    Q. I am an occupational therapist working in a school setting in Montreal, Canada. I have been trying out your Five Finger Typist program with one of our students who has Cerebral Palsy. She has been practicing at home and at school on your free demo version of the program. She has been enjoying the lessons and her parents are considering purchasing the program but I was wondering if they purchase it, will we be able to install the program on her computer at home as well as her computer at school so that she can practice in both places?

    A. Yes, the copyright licence of Five Finger Typist allows it to be installed on more than one computer. The restriction is that not more than one person can use the program at the same time. Therefore your student can practice at home and at school.

  • Michelle, Wiesbaden, Germany
    Our son has been starting to use Five Finger Typist at school this year (he had a brain tumor and stroke as a toddler, and cannot use his left hand, so this program is fabulous for him). As we are now on summer break, his school allowed us to sign the program out from their library so he could continue to work on it over the summer; however, we have a Mac that is running OS X 10.6.8, and this program will not run on it. Do you have a newer version available for Mac yet? We'd be delighted to buy the new version when it's ready!

    NOTE: Version 1.71 in now available for Macintosh which runs on the latest MacOS X including El Capitan 10.11


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