System Requirements


Five Finger Typist 2.2 runs under all Windows Operating Systems from

Windows 95 through to the current Windows 10. You will need 3 MB of

free memory on your hard drive.

Five Finger Typist is a 32-bit program, but can also run on 64-bit

Windows using the Windows WOW64 emulator. The Five Finger Typist

installer installs Five Finger Typist in a new directory in the

Program Files directory of 32-bit Windows, or in the

Program Files (x86) directory of 64-bit Windows.


Mac OS 10.3 and later (including the latest MacOS Sierra 10.12)

running on both Intel and PowerPC processors.

Upgrading of Five Finger Typist to Version 2.2 for Macintosh hasn't

been completed. Version 1.71 for Macintosh doesn't include the

features under the "Customise" menu item in the Windows version.